What to Expect

Please allow two hours for your first appointment. In the initial session we’ll go over your health history and talk about your symptoms, concerns, lifestyle, and areas of your life in which you are flourishing. After that conversation, I’ll listen to your pulses, conduct a brief physical exam, and perform a needle treatment.

Subsequent sessions last about an hour. I recommend coming in once a week for six to eight weeks and for “tune-up” visits three or four times a year after that. That roadmap can vary, though, depending on your response to treatment.

To maximize our time together, please print and complete this intake form and bring it with you to your first visit. To get the most out of your visit, please avoid:

  • taking a hot bath, shower, or sauna 3-4 hours before or after;
  • consuming any alcohol or drugs, other than those prescribed for routine use by your physician, for 24 hours before or after;
  • and wearing makeup or perfume to your appointment.

Please feel welcome to contact me with any related questions. I look forward to seeing you soon!