What Clients Say

“Through my treatments with Michael, I was able to reevaluate my current and past habits and sort out which served me in a beneficial way and which were a hindrance to my well-being. His insight and questioning opened a new world of possibilities to me.” – N.H.

“Treatments with Michael have left me feeling a lot calmer and less agitated. I can deal with things more easily now. I feel happier, closer to myself, and more relaxed and easygoing.” – A.P.

“[Your treatments were] a positive and helpful way to start freeing up some areas that I have felt blockages in for quite some time.” – S.S.

“I just want to let you know how much I have appreciated the acupuncture treatments over the past few months. Even though the primary purpose for my coming to you was for spiritual and psychological growth, you treated by concerns and desires as seriously as you would a physical ailment. … The efficacy of the treatments was readily apparent. Physical symptoms, when treated, showed almost instantaneous improvement. Over the course of the treatments there was a subtle but clear shift in the psychological and spiritual areas we were addressing. Additionally, it was not unusual for me to feel the increase and/or change in energy flow in myself…” – S.S.

“No two sessions are ever the same with Michael. He takes the time to listen to you in order to design the best treatment for you. For those of you new to acupuncture, you will find he has a gentle touch and will be very patient with you. I enjoy my monthly sessions. They really positively impact my life.” – E.T.

“Thank you very much for introducing me to acupuncture treatment. I found you to be very attentive and caring. You helped me to feel calm during each treatment session. After each treatment I always felt much better as compared to when I began each session. The coaching you provided to me after listening to what was going on with me mentally as well as physically taught me that I can have more control over the way I feel. I very much enjoyed my experience with you in each session.” – R.R.

“I was drawn to work with Michael B. Weiss because of his deep personal sincerity, and I look forward to continuing to work with him, as he creates a very special, safe environment for his clients.” – R.P.